Do You Need a AV-RECIEVER and Why?


For those in the midst of assembling a home audio system, one component that raises a lot of questions is the pre-amplifier. After all, if you already have a powerful amplifier and quality speakers, why do you need another piece of equipment? In a high-performance AV separates setup, a pre-amplifier plays a crucial role. It's important to understand its function and what to look for when purchasing one.

Why do I need AV RECIEVER?

As the name suggests, the pre-amplifier is the first stop for an audio signal before it travels through the amplifier and into your speakers and [#av reciever reviews]. In a home theatre system, the pre-amplifier performs two main functions: it handles switching between different line-level sources and boosts the signal before sending it to the amplifier. A weak electrical signal becomes strong enough for additional processing, preventing noise and offering cleaner output.




Keshav Pitliya