Understand the Style of Essay Writing


When you are going to write an essay then it is important to choose a proper style which is very necessary. Without a proper style and format, an essay is considered to be incomplete. Because a style of essay writing indicates that how much your essay is written professionally. Most students have not so much awareness about essay writing styles. Even they don’t know that how many types of essay formats. For this purpose, either they take help from their teachers or from any senior student.

Let’s discuss some key types of essay:

Expository Essay Writing

An expository essay is closely related to any news printed in a newspaper. Basically, it is an essay paper that is written on a specific issue. These essays consist of an introduction part, a brief explanation of the topic, and a conclusion part. Some questions are answered in this type of essay a little bit similar to the news. An expository essay writer has to be answerable to the questions containing what, where, when, how, why, and who. Avoid such types of descriptions in these essays that can confuse your readers such as metaphors and vivid descriptions.

An expository essay is like any other formal essay format when stressed. However, the style of an expository essay is different from the other trials, by the fact that an expository essay is entirely made full – no room for your point of view on the topic or any thesis. From start to finish, each statement item is based on facts – indisputable facts.

The format remains the same although, in the introduction, body, and conclusion, the material is generally different from the other trial writing. In the introduction, the author will have to write about it with a clear path for an objective discussion. While writing an introduction without having to say something on your own can be difficult, but expository essay never let one’s opinion on the subject anywhere in the essay.

The body should contain all information necessary to mention it in a stream format to an understanding of the reader.

The conclusion of an exhibition should speak anything new on the subject and emphasize completely summarize the above background. There should be no personal allowances so the final study but should be a clear and simple purpose of acting as a detailed summary on the fact of whole based material.

Narrative Essay Writing
  • Narrative essay writing* contains an essay of an intelligent writer who puts all the thoughts, ideas, and creativity on a paper. These types of essays are considered to be the best to explain your story. It doesn’t matter either the story is real or imaginary. If you have any such tale which is memorable and unforgettable story from your life how, for example, you friend unexpectedly provided an algebra help to you or how you met someone who changed your life, then you can write a narrative essay on it. Show your readers that why this story is unforgettable for you. But keep in mind that don’t be over smart while writing your essay. Try to write clean and rough. The essay should be logically correct so that your unreal story in the essay looks believable.

Provocative Essay Writing

In such a style of essay, you explain a problem with your point of view about it. Remember that it is not necessary to satisfy the readers from your point of view. *Don’t care about reader’s opinion*s because you are an essay writer. So always prefer your thoughts and opinions in these essays. If the topic of your essay creates debate around itself then believe that you found something that is significant. Remember to seek good evidence that supports the main idea and statement of your essay.

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