Spike: Logistration


Problem Statement

As a developer, I would like to understand the existing features and functionalities of the login and registration page, so that I would be able to build a new frontend for these APIs.


The login and registration page is built using Backbone. We would want to upgrade this page using our new MFE technology to improve the performance and responsiveness of the page. Previous experiments have indicated that improvements to performance increase take rates and enrollment. It seems likely that this is true of the login and registration page as well.

Acceptance Criteria

  1. An epic containing stories we would need to complete in order to replatform the login and registration page.

    1. All open questions should answered or a plan to answer them should be in place.

Open Questions

  1. What do we want to do with the complexity of the backend API?

    1. We have a few backend APIs that refer to one another. It seems like we should refactor them into one API or we should write a new one.

  2. What features do we need to support on this page?

    1. Third Party Auth (Google, Facebook, etc)

    2. Enterprise needs

    3. Additional/configurable registration fields?

      1. From what I understand, this was used by white label sites, but we might need them for enterprise as well.

  3. How will we handle frontend-auth?

    1. The login and registration page will have to be available to anonymous users.

Implementation Details

  1. There is an even older login/registration page that will need to be deprecated and removed as part of this work.

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Robert Raposa


Diana Huang