Remove microsites from edx-platform



Microsite Configuration Django App and all associated code outside the specific Django App


Site Configuration

Target Dates

Accepted (deadline for comments before acceptance): 2019-01-28

Removal: 2019-02-15

First named release without it: Juniper


Since there are many pieces to removing microsites, we are chunking up the work. In lieu of creating sub-tasks (we're still working on updating the DEPR board to support subtasks), here are the chunks of work that need to happen. You can see for the initial attempt that uncovered these areas. Please sign up here and link to your PR for each of these tasks.

  • certificates

  • shoppingcart

  • bulk_enroll

  • commerce

  • django-comment-client

  • static-template-view

  • user-api

  • user_authn

  • theming

  • site_configuration

  • edxmako


Felipe Montoya
January 17, 2019, 8:06 PM


I was looking deeply into this. I work at where we use to rely on microsites for our core service offering.

I looked at the places where there is a call to microsite_configuration outside of the app, not counting tests or settings files, and only found two:

  • openedx/core/djangoapps/site_configuration/

  • openedx/core/djangoapps/theming/

Which means throught the platform code everything already uses site_configurations and only inside of the site_configurations.helpers microsites will be used as a fallback. I see no problems there in removing microsites since there is nothing that microsites supports which is not already present on site_configuration in an alternate form.

Internally we have migrated to a plugin based custom multi-tenancy model and we are in favor of this removal.

Now, about site_configuration I would like to know if there are plans at edX for extending the support to things like the celery workers, or better support for studio so for example links from studio are not always pointing to the master lms instead of the sites? I'd be happy to collaborate on those.

Diana Huang
January 22, 2019, 8:37 PM

, thanks for the input! We really appreciate it.

Currently, edX does not have plans to extend out site_configuration further, but I’m sure we’d be happy to support any work in the community to implement those sorts of improvements.




Diana Huang



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