Course Launch Checklist becomes visible in Studio



Phase 1 of the Course Launch Checklist in Studio feature adds the Course Launch Checklist to Studio.

  • A link to the checklist that shows the current checklist status will be visible on the Course Outline page.

  • When a user clicks the link, the Launch Checklist page opens. This page has a list of either four or five items, depending on whether the course run is self-paced or instructor-paced.

  • Completed items in the list have a green check mark. Incomplete items do not.

  • List items do not currently link to the places where you can complete the action, but that's planned for phase 2 (EDUCATOR-3018).

Screen shots as of 6/20 (blue circle simulates a hover state):

Note The screen shot shows both the course launch checklist and the best practices checklist. Only the course launch checklist will be released in v1 of the feature. The best practices checklist (whose proposed UI text has some outstanding questions) will be released in v2.

ETA for internal launch (i.e., to PCs) is about July 3, with full launch on prod about a week later. This feature will be for and Open edX.

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Sylvia Pearce
June 26, 2018, 7:33 PM

This feature is live on prod, but behind a waffle flag. A course that has the feature enabled is this one:

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Deb Chatigny


Deb Chatigny