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Location: 07 Wiki - Edit

Severity: 8

Description: When activating Edit after viewing an article for example, focus is redirected to the top of the page. Keyboard users have to tab through multiple items to find their way back to the article they want to update. This makes it especially difficult for people with disabilities using the keyboard as the sole method of navigation.

Pattern: None

Auditor Note: Developers should redirect the focus to the content that just got updated. For example, when the Edit button is activated, focus should go to the Title edit field so that the user starts editing. When the View button is activated focus can go to the Title heading by adding tabindex="-1" and setting focus with JavaScript focus method.

Internal Note: If this can be done, let's do it, but the tester failed to realize that this is a new page. Clicking Edit reloads the page so moving focus back to the top is acceptable. It would be an improvement to move it to the edit field. There has been informal discussion about deprecating Wiki.

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Eric Fischer
October 27, 2017, 6:00 PM

Make sure you;re waiting for pageload to finish

Eric Fischer
October 27, 2017, 5:59 PM

Set focus on the article element with id=main-article" using tabindex=-1

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