Exclude Staff & Admin From Gradebook


Original Request:

We have gotten requests from a few master's partners to exclude staff & admin from the gradebook and the gradebook bulk management download.

Current Behavior
Course Staff and Admin appear in the Gradebook and are downloaded in the Bulk Management spreadsheet for master's students. This forces partners to have to filter the dashboard and the spreadsheet every single time they use it to remove staff & admin. It is not intuitive to include staff & admin in the gradebook, who will never have grades.

(See example of current gradebook)

Desired Behavior
Exclude staff and admin from the gradebook, so they do not appear in-line with master's students. Exclude staff and admin from the gradebook bulk management spreadsheet that is downloaded. Only include learners in the masters track in the bulk management spreadsheet download. Since this feature is master's only, it should only include learners in masters track.

Product Requirements:

User Stories:

  • As course staff, I don’t want to see any course staff when I navigate to Gradebook so only the learners whose grades I potentially want to evaluate and modify appear to me

  • As course staff, I want to be able to show all users with staff-related roles (staff, admin, TA, etc) in Gradebook alongside students

  • As course staff, I want to be able to download a bulk management spreadsheet that doesn’t show any users with staff-related roles so I only see learners whose grades I may want to modify


Open question: How do roles and tracks interact with each other here? Esp with filtering?

Note: for this MVP, let’s have a way for course staff to show either all staff roles, or none. We will not be allowing course staff to selectively choose specific roles to show or hide. Will evaluate once released and we hear partner feedback.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Given a course has course members with various roles (staff, admin, etc) and students, when course staff navigates to Gradebook, then they will not see any course members appear by default

  • Given no course members are appearing in Gradebook, when staff chooses to display all course members, then users any of those “staff/admin/etc” roles will appear in Gradebook along with learners

  • Given no course members are appearing in Gradebook, when staff selects bulk download, then the resulting CSV should not show course members

  • Readthedocs must be updated to reflect this new functionality


Please work with Kevin on design (can we add in the filter section a way to show or hide course members?).

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Sapana Thomas
March 24, 2021, 4:16 PM

Yes, once Jansen has it in a state where I can review, we’ll have an idea as to when it will be in production, so the plan is to let you, Gregg, Ben, support, etc know once we have a sense of timing.

Vicki Hall
March 24, 2021, 1:12 PM

Can I get a heads up on this one before it goes live? cc

Nathan Sprenkle
March 2, 2021, 6:06 PM

There’s another note from to only show Masters track in the Bulk Grades CSV, which could make sense.

I’d argue for consistency between the Bulk Grades CSV and Interventions report, either hard-limited to Masters or respecting the applied filters, but right now the behavior is disjoint.

Also affects

Nathan Sprenkle
March 2, 2021, 6:03 PM

, from a code read-through, the Interventions Report only shows Masters track students (until we implement EDUCATOR-4613) and respects the Cohort filter.

I don’t know if TAs, Beta testers, or Staff/Admin would ever be in the matching tracks/cohorts but I propose adding an AC that the supplied role filter should apply to interventions report as well, or be specifically called out as out-of-scope.

Sapana Thomas
February 11, 2021, 4:54 PM

Should consider other roles, like Beta Testers, for Gradebook filters.


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