iOS: Ensure error messages are in a platform specific alert or focus is moved to the error message after submit (mobile registration iOS)


Location: iOS Native App: Registration page

Severity: 6

Description: When submitting the form with erroneous data, error messages are dynamically added below each form field in error but focus remains on the Continue button. Screen reader users will not know what happened and people who have their screens zoomed will have to scroll back up to see why they have not moved to the following step.

Pattern: None

Auditor Note: Developers must ensure that the users\' attention is drawn to the error messages. This can be done with an explicit announcement via UIAccessibilityAnnouncementNotification or a general screen change notification via UIAccessibilityLayoutChangedNotification or UIAccessibilityScreenChangedNotification.

Internal Note: We should move focus to the top of the field and inform the user that their submission failed. Also, the error messages should be included in the field description container so that they are read to the user when the field has focus. Currently, they are not read at all until the user swipes PAST the field. May be easier to implement web view of desktop registration form.

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