Sequence Nav Tooltips not appearing for all Internet Explorer users


Location: Any page in courseware that has a sequence nav

Severity: 3

Description: In Firefox, when navigating through the tab item with the keyboard as well as on mouseover, the name of the problem type such as Multiple Choice, Dropdown problem etc is displayed. Sighted keyboard users (all users) benefit from knowing which item they're selecting. This functionality is not available in IE. Users have to activate each tab to find the problem or course they specifically want.

Pattern: Course Navigation Accessibility Issues

Auditor Note: Developers must allow the title of the course to show in IE and all other common browsers that edx users will use.

Internal Note: I have confirmed this. The focus and hover triggered tooltip does not appear in IE.

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Michael Terry
December 6, 2017, 2:58 PM

Here's a sample page that shows this:

(You should see "Welcome" and "Discussion: ..." mouseover tooltips.)

The issue doesn't appear in Edge either. Just IE.

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Michael Terry


Mark Sadecki