Learner's cannot browse their courses in the mobile app


Several learners (at least 10 so far) have mentioned that they cannot surf their courses in the mobile app. They're able to access their courses, but they're redirected to their dashboard after a few seconds. We have reproduced the issue in two different mobile devices in the Bcn office.


This issue appears on both iOS and Android. See following details where learners have reported this.

  • Android OS: 7.0
    App Version: 2.12.1
    Device Model: SM-G930T

  • iOS Version: 11.2.2
    App Version: 2.12 (2.12.1)
    Device Model: iPhone

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J'aime O
March 18, 2019, 6:09 PM

Looking through the bug list and saw this... Thought it might help to know that we are not experiencing this in our apps, where we use a native search view (which we haven't pushed upstream) instead of the web course list and web search view. I think this indicates that it is YES an issue in the web codebase on the page that renders the course list and/or search view. Good luck!

Marco Morales
January 31, 2018, 12:39 AM

Thanks again to everyone for your help reporting and triaging this. We had an issue where the new LMS smart app banner that Lauren mentioned was rendering within the mobile app itself on a few of the applications pages that use web views. Whenever the app for example tried to load the important dates page, it would attempt to render the branch banner message. The edx logo in that banner message is referencing an image that is considered insecure by Android and my understanding is that this would trigger the app to crash.

About 4% of android users were experiencing this and about 30 wrote reviews and it sounds like over a dozen wrote into support as well!

We disabled the banner message and will work to ensure this message doesn’t load for web views rendered inside the mobile application.

On the bright side, it does look like this message increased our daily new users in the one day it ran by about 50%, so once we fix the bug we look forward to seeing if this lift will translate to an improvement per day for an extended period of time!

Thanks again everyone!


Marco Morales
January 30, 2018, 4:42 PM

Thanks for the heads up! We have shipped a fix to this thanks for flagging it!

Lauren McHale
January 30, 2018, 4:32 PM

Also I'm not sure if it's related but mentioned they are doing some testing with the app:

We are testing a smart app banner in the LMS so that learners who access one of the logged in platform pages who do not have the edX app will be shown a link to the app store. If they do have the application the button will link them to the application home page (eventually, directly to that course page.)

Maddie Stephens
January 30, 2018, 4:21 PM

Miguel noted that this is affecting both Android and iOS. We are receiving many learner tickets on this (hard to report on numbers at this time, but the volume is significant and will continue to increase). Thanks!





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