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Android - Active Downloads should appear in notification panel


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      Android mobile app users can now manage their video downloads through Android's native downloads panel area outside of the edX app.


      Typically on Android, if large files are being downloaded, there is a persistent notification in the notification panel that tells you the status, and when clicked should bring you to the active download list.

      We are disabling this default behaviour, but I don't think we should, it provides a very nice UX for almost zero effort on our part.

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • When user press download button to download some video or group of videos, a persistent notification (which can't be cleared/swiped away) should appear in status bar depicting the status of downloading.
      • If user press on notification he should be redirected to active downloading list screen.
      • Download some video and close the app, notification should not be closed and downloading list screen should be opened on pressing notification and in its follow up if user press back button on downloading list screen, My Course screen should be opened.
      • If user logs out during the downloading, all downloading should have been cancelled.
      • After logging out and cancellation of videos if user logs in again, previous videos downloading should not have resumed.


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