Switch Open edX to using new logistration flow


Summary: Want to switch default Open edX to using the new logistration workflow. Need to

(1) coordinate this with the community and larger partners (set expectations and a timeline, so they have ample time to switch)

(2) do a branding audit and make sure the default Open edX logistration pages protect our brand.

[10:43 AM] Renzo Lucioni: @sarina that's alright; the new login and registration pages are feature flagged, but the new payment and verification process is the default, having replaced the older process

[10:43 AM] Sarina Canelake: OK, good to know
I think at some point we should discuss releasing the new login & reg pages as the default for Open edX, especially since we have data saying they're better, right?

[10:45 AM] Renzo Lucioni: @sarina yeah, we have data showing that they're more effective than the older pages

[10:45 AM] Sarina Canelake: @renzo ok. bug me about this like, in a week or so
we can figure out a process to make it the open edx default
i think that's a reasonable thing to do - we'll have to gather community support, and make sure we have an "open source" version with the proper branding in place
I'd rather not have divergent pages for this stuff, but we need to make sure we're not trampling other installations without their notice.

[10:48 AM] Renzo Lucioni: @sarina right; we were pretty careful to interpolate platform_name everywhere mention of "edx" was necessary, so i don't think it should be too difficult to get it ready for general use
@sarina i'm rolling off of login and registration stuff to work on ecommerce infrastructure; i wonder if it would be more appropriate to have this discussion with @WillDaly next week




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