[BB-1335] Move the SASS variables to a common file


This allows the variables to be used in the bootstrap and
non-bootstrap styles. The current implementation only adds the variables to `lms/static/sass/partials/theme/_variables-v1.scss` and the bootstrap styles cannot use the variables defined there because of the way the imports for the bootstrap styles work.

This PR moves the variable definition to a `common-variables.scss` in the theme folder which is imported both by `_variables-v1.scss` partial which allows the non-bootstrap styles to work and the `_lms-overrides.scss` partial which allows the bootstrap styles to work using the variables.

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*Testing instructions*:

Deploy a sandbox using the `simple-theme` role by defining some SASS variable overrides through the `SIMPLETHEME_STATIC_SASS_OVERRIDES`. Optionally define some custom SASS using the `SIMPLETHEME_EXTRA_SASS`. Verify that the variables which are used in both the bootstrap and non-bootstrap styles are overridden with the value provided for the variable(s) using the `simple-theme` role.


  • [ ] @giovannicimolin

  • [ ] edX reviewer(s) TBD

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  • [ ] Update the appropriate internal repo (be sure to update for all our environments)

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