CAM2-206 Makes the instance types used by asgard configurable


Adds `HOTG_ADDITIONAL_INSTANCE_TYPES`, which can be used to expand the list of instance types allowed when creating clusters on Asgard.

Also adds the `supervisor` role as a meta requirement, as this is required to run the `hotg` role.

*Merge deadline*: None

*Testing instructions*:

This is the deployment process we used for the updated Campus admin server, so this change can be verified by checking the [olive admin instance type list](

1. Add an ansible variable like:
price: 0.052
family: 'Burstable'
group: 't3'
size: 'Extra Large'
vCpu: '4'
ecu: '6'
mem: '16.00'
1. Deploy asgard using the [vpc_admin.yml]( playbook.
1. Check the Asgard EC2 > Instance Types list to ensure the additional types are added.

*Author notes and concerns*:

1. Simply installing Asgard on a fresh instance added some new instance types (e.g. `c5.xlarge`), but the `t3.xlarge` type was not added. So this change ensures that it is always added, since we rely on it for olive's `edxapp` cluster.


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