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OEP-17 outlined some requirements for a feature toggle report that would help keep track of all the various feature toggles we use in assorted repositories and services. Further work was done in Hackathon XXI to implement this and track its status. Wrap up this work and get it to a point where it generally satisfies the needs identified in OEP-17. In summary, we want:

  • A code annotation standard that provides useful metadata about feature toggles

  • A utility which collects this metadata into a single data file for further processing

  • Another utility which gets the status of all feature toggles in an environment and stores the information in a data file

  • A command to generate a report combining the information from both of the data files mentioned above

  • A code linter to identify feature toggles which have not been fully annotated with all of the desired information

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Stuart Young
November 19, 2019, 2:27 PM
  1. They were not. I can add separate tickets for that

  2. I can, but IT recently unblocked me in my effort to get this report published to confluence. I have created a devops ticket to get that credential added to Jenkins (https://openedx.atlassian.net/projects/DOS/queues/issue/DOS-61). As soon as that credential is added, I can merge in this DSL () and the job should start publishing to the wiki. However, if there are any future roadblocks, I will just do as you suggest and archive the report.


Robert Raposa
October 10, 2019, 4:53 PM


  1. Are the following tasks represented in this Epic?

    1. Add report for Edge (and possible Stage)

    2. Add CourseWaffleFlag override summary data to the report.

  2. We had discussed making the report available via an archived report in Jenkins so the results are not blocked on getting into Confluence. Is that planned for when you pick this back up?


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Stuart Young