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Note: follow the patterns here: 2015 Open edX Presentations

Talks and Keynotes


SESTopicPresentersSlides and other materialsYouTube
10:00–10:45am AuditorioKeynoteagarwal (To Remove)

10:45–11:45am AuditorioState of Open edX

1:05–1:40pm Salon de GradosLearning in the Open: A Strategic Approach to MOOC Development
  • Sir Timothy O'Shea
  • Professor Eileen Scanlon

1:05–1:40pm D03The Future of Front-end Development in Open edX (FedX)Ari RizzitanoSlides

1:05–1:40pm E06Visualizing Course Data Using VizIT
1:45–2:20pm E06Contributing to Insights & the Analytics PipelineSlides
1:45–2:20pm D03Digital Learning 2.0: Learning That SticksPaul Hunter
1:45–2:20pm Salon de GradosMockup Night: MOOCS – Mistakes From Marketing to MaterialsEran Raviv
2:25–3:00pm Salon de GradosAdaptive Learning in an edX Course
  • Andrew Ang
  • Glenn Lopez
  • Yigal Rosen
  • Ilia Rushkin
2:25–3:00pm D03Internationalization at edXSlides
2:25–3:00pm E06Using Peer Assessment and Peer Instruction to Improve Competence and Instigate Real Change in Online Corporate Learning

Henrik J. Mondrup

3:30–4:05pm D03Creating Synergies Among Institutions in Higher and Continuing Education: Flipped Classrooms and Project-Based Learning with Open edX
  • Isabelle Druet
  • Badi Ibrahim
3:30–4:05pm E06EdX Enterprise: Endeavor Into Corporate Learning
3:30–4:05pm Salon de GradosSeamlessly Deploying a Scalable, High Availability Open edX Solution on Microsoft Azure

Elton Carr

4:15–5pm AuditorioKeynoteVincent Zimmer


SESTopicPresentersSlides and other materialsYouTube
10:05–10:40am AuditoriaKeynote: Learn or LoseNick van Dam
10:45–11:20am E06Canal Fundación ONCE @ UNED: Open edX Accessibility in Practice
10:45–11:20am Salon de GradosCase Study: Microsoft Open edX for Corporate Learning and Professional Training
  • Pankaj Dikshit
  • Carolyn Lesser
10:45–11:20am D03XBlocks and Beyond: Extending Open edXSlides
11:25am–12:00pm E06Evolution of edX LMS and Studio ArchitectureNimisha AsthagiriSlides

11:25am–12:00pm D03Open edX Out of Context: The Open University Approach
11:25am–12:00pm Salon de GradosPanel Discussion: Recent Innovations in Corporate LearningHarry KleinN/A
1:00–1:40pm Salon de GradosLightning Talks: Engagement Track
  • Pedro Moneo
  • Kevin Pawsey
  • Vincent du Sordet, Alberto Brigneti
  • Chinmay Nivargi
  • Eduardo Serrano Luque
  • Nor Fadzleen Binti Sa'don
1:00–1:40pm E06Lightning Talks: Localization & Technology Track
  • Omar Al-Ithawi
  • Carlos Turro, Leonardo Salom, Ignacio Despujol
  • Eugeny Kolpakov
  • Dr. Aneesha Bakharia
1:00–1:40pm D03Lightning Talks: Video Track
  • Peter Koblyakov, Nate Aune
  • Vicente Goyanes de Miguel
  • Régis Behmo
  • Michael Amigot
  • Saya Goto, Jeffrey S. Cross
  • Taras Pustovoy
1:45–2:20pm E06Applying Blooms Taxonomy to Open edX

Dr. Philippa Hardman
1:45–2:20pm D03Open edX and Strength Together—Partnering for SuccessSasha Norkin
1:45–2:20pm Salon de GradosThe Wild West of High Availability in Open edXSlides
2:25–3:00pm Salon de GradosClosing Global Achievement Gaps in MOOCs: Creating Psychologically Welcoming Learning Environments
  • René Kizilcec
  • Andy Saltarelli
2:25–3:00pm E06Delivering an Online Master's Degree Program on Open edXFurqan Nazeeri
2:25–3:00pm D03Extending Open edX to Support Blended Learning at MIT
3:30–4:05pm Salon de GradosEdX Kickstarter: Crowdfunding and Collaborating on Open edX & ContributionsSlides
3:30–4:05pm E06How We Beautifully and Quickly Engage Students on iOS and AndroidJ'aime Ohm
3:30–4:05pm D03What's New in Studio? Assessments & Content LibrariesBen PiscopoSlides
4:10–4:45pm Salon de GradosFrom Funnel to Tunnel: A New Open edX DistributionDr. Deepak PhatakSlides
4:10–4:45pm E06The Evolution of Open edX ThemingmtyakaSlides
4:10–4:45pm D03What's New in Studio? Learner EngagementBen PiscopoSlides

Tutorials, workshops, etc.

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  1. I'd like to suggest that someone who has admin access to the open edX youtube channel add the timestamp links for each of the presentations to the descriptions of the relevant videos or a link back to this page to help people who find the videos on YouTube. Also putting the titles of the talks may help people searching on YouTube for the topics covered find the videos.

    1. Joseph Mulloy Good idea. I'll put it on our to-do list.

    2. The video team is in the process of cutting the videos into individual presentations, as they become available, we'll link directly to those.