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Conference (Wednesday-Thursday)

The 2017 Open edX conference is May 24 and 25 in Madrid Spain, preceded by a day of tutorials and proceeded by a project day.

Birds of a Feather (BoFs)

If you would like to have a BoF over lunch or coffee, plan to meet where we'll be having lunch. There is no limit on how many people who can meet outside, but there are a limited number of rooms. If you want a room, create your BoF in that block. Otherwise, provide some details on where to meet.

Proposed topics

Add your proposal for a topic here, and we will help facilitate finding a time and place for groups that show interest to meet!


Interested? (tag yourself using @{your name})

Spaces available

To be announced - there is ample outdoor space, and the cafeteria will be open during the coffee break, but we may have other designated spaces as well.


Two sessions

Session 1: Lunch

TitleWhere (rooms TBA)FacilitatorNotesAttending

Session 2: Afternoon coffee

TitleWhere (rooms TBA)FacilitatorNotesAttending


Three sessions

Session 3: Breakfast

TitleWhere (rooms TBA)FacilitatorNotesAttending

Session 4: Lunch

TitleWhere (rooms TBA)FacilitatorNotesAttending

Session 5: Afternoon coffee

TitleWhere (rooms TBA)FacilitatorNotesAttending

Other meetings

If you would like to schedule a private meeting, please contact one of the event organizers at

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