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Discussion items

5minSusy update
20minDiscuss Node/NPM support strategy
  • Develop support recommendation for Node and NPM versions in JS IDAs
  • Target Node 6.7 and NPM 3+
  • Devops doing work to enclose IDAs in nodeenv, will help make this easier
  • Try out Yarn along the way?
20minDiscuss Backbone + ES6 classes
20minTalk about starting works on audit for formsRoderick Morales
  • Capture screenshots & metadata of forms across platform + IDAs
  • Approach it like a bug bash
  • Aiming to develop a (set of) confluence pages that describe all the forms
  • Roderick will set up a time

Action items

  • Brian Jacobel Make a comment on Andy's OEP stating targeting of Node 6.7 and NPM 3+
  • Alasdair Swan Update developer guide to describe how to create new Backbone views using ES2015 classes
  • Roderick Morales Create Confluence template for forms screenshots & schedule time for folks to help fill it in