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  • Retro for the FedX working group
    • We will run a mute mapping-based retro to see what's working and what needs improvement
      • Dennis Jen will provide context to folks who haven't used mute mapping before
    • Areas to reflect on before attending:
      • Why do you come to the FedX meetings?
      • What benefits do you personally get out of the meetings?
      • What aspects of the meeting are working well?
      • What should we be doing differently?
      • What should the output of these meetings be?

Discussion items

5 minsMute Mapping explanation
30minsMute Mapping retroEveryone5/31 - FedX Mute Mapping
25minsDiscussion about how the group should work going forwardEveryone

Resourcing & Prioritization

  • How do we affect the roadmap?
  • How do we get clarity around an idea and getting resources to move forward?
  • Can we drive for change ourselves?
    • e.g. webpack
      • Bias toward action
      • The group gathered around webpack and started making the changes
    • e.g. bootstrap
      • Learner team just started doing it
  • We were able to incorporate new technologies through opportunistic projects
    • Cons
      • increases scope
        • learning is difficult and time consuming
    • Proving the technology within an IDA is easier
  • How do we influence better?
    • Share information
  • It's difficult to decide on the front-end guidance within a clear vision of how we render
  • Strategies
    • test in IDAs and/or small projects, prove the results, share the information
    • trainings (either our own or good courses that we find, lunch and learns)

Action items

  • Andy Armstrong: Re-envision FedX and ownership
  • Future Topic: FE Rendering 
  • Future Topic: Xblocks and asset bundling