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TechnologyBootstrap 4
CategoryWeb Framework
PurposeProvides consistent look-and-feel for edX applications
Status(warning) Proposed
Getting Started

Provide Bootstrap themes

  • Provide Bootstrap themes
    • Basic Open edX theme that provides little in the way of branding
    • theme which extends the basic theme and adds edX branding
    • Consider providing a sample theme for the community to start from
      • Based upon the theme but without any edX branding
  • Provide the themes as NPM packages
    • Make it simple to install them into any Open edX application
    • Should each theme be in its own repository? All in a single one?

Using Bootstrap in edx-platform

  • Using a theme in the LMS
    • Create a new v3 style
    • Import Bootstrap Sass partials
    • How does a site configuration provide its theme?
      • Overrides a theme.scss file which then imports the theme?
      • Ensure that the theme compilation process builds the correct CSS for each site
  • Style the course skeleton
  • Converting existing pages
    • Switch the templates over to use the v3 style
    • Move custom Sass partials to v2 main from v1 or v2
    • Convert markup to use Bootstrap conventions, not pattern library
    • Add new custom Sass rules only as needed


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