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TitleFront End Working Group
CharterEmpower the edX development community by continually defining, evangelizing, and supporting front end best practices.

Working Group

The Front End Working Group meets weekly to discuss all aspects of front end development at edX:

  • current initiatives with front end impact
  • front end challenges
  • best practices
  • technology selection
  • interesting developments in the front end community

The group currently has the following members:

See the Meeting notes for each week's agenda and action items.


The working group uses the following communication channels:

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  1. Just saw this page. By 'working group' I assume this is not a team and therefore the sprint work is happening in something like 1 or 2-hrs per week? Sorry...just trying to understand.

    1. Good question Ben Patterson. This has been a working group for the past six months (see Working Groups) but we are kicking off a dedicated project for the next two/three months to move things along further. We clearly need a better name for the new project team...

        1. We've decided to go with FedX as the project team name. (smile)