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The edX Pattern Library consists of designs for the patterns that edX uses to construct its applications. The approach is based upon Brad Frost's Atomic Web Design, where web designs are composed from smaller patterns.

As of today (February 2016), the Pattern Library has a lot of the key atomic patterns, but it is missing many of the more interesting components that edX uses. This page is a jumping off point to help with the discovery for these new patterns, which will then lead to implementations that can be used in all of edX's IDAs.

Pattern Backlog

The following is a preliminary list of patterns that are known to be missing from the library:

1. Tables

2. Tooltips

3. Disclosure/Collapsible Components

Disclosure Component

4. Drop Downs

5. Pagination Headers/Footers

6. Modals

Modal Dialog

7. Tabs

Tabs Pattern

8. Cards

9. Page Headers

10. Page Footers

11. Breadcrumbs

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