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Build-Test-Release Working Group (BTR)

This working group is chartered with the direction and ownership of the Open edX community releases. Its goals are to create and maintain Open edX releases for use by the global community.

Wiki: Build - Test - Release Working Group

Project Board:

Slack: #wg-build-test-release



Frontend Working Group

The Frontend Working Group is responsible for stewardship of the frontend of the Open edX platform.  The working group exists as a technical advisory board, curators of our frontend strategic roadmap, and to empower the community to execute on our shared challenges and opportunities.

Wiki: Frontend Working Group

Project Board:

Slack: #frontend-working-group


Marketing Working Group

The Marketing Working Group is comprised of various Open edX Marketplace providers, who collaborate on increasing global visibility and marketshare for the Open edX platform.


Calendar: pending

Translations Working Group

The Translations Working Group consists of various community members to assist with submitting, coordinating, and reviewing translations in Transifex, in an effort to enhance our overall localization strategy vis a vis a centralized collaboration approach.

Wiki: Transifex Working Group


Project Board:

Trello card

Calendar: pending

Data Working Group

The data working group is focused on building a set of community supported interfaces for supporting analytical capabilities related to the Open edX platform.




Deprecation Working Group (DEPR)

We work to remove old, outdated parts of the Open edX codebase in order to improve code cleanliness, readability, and extensibility.

Wiki: Deprecation Working Group

Project Board: (New, gonna move here from Jira)


Meeting notes: DEPR Meeting Notes (2022)

Meeting Calendar:

Product Working Group

Coming soon

Slack: #wg-open-edx-product-management

Meeting notes (preliminary meeting on 29 April 2022):

Meeting Calendar: Will begin meeting in June 2022 - day/time TBDBiweekly on Tuesdays: