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"How might we selectively run individual microservices on . devstack?"

"How might we make devstack self-monitoring ("Can't ping ecommerce, try restarting it")?  Observable ("You are running the newest master for all services except ecommerce, which is running robrap/awesome-branch")?  Self-updating?"

e-commerce service

  • Testing
    • time waiting on Travis
    • finding what the failures were
    • unit tests don't run on devstack successfully
      • sometimes use pytest versus
  • Oscar
    • Handling of discounts/coupons is wonky - Oscar and our usage
    • People are afraid of ecommerce
    • Oscar not the right tech choice - probably more for manufactured goods - not for web
  • Data model is complicated
  • Making many service calls to the Enterprise API in LMS - improve reliability of the APIs
  • Wanted to add UserFactory
    • Discovering code-trail by chasing inconsistent imports
    • Hard to estimate since code is more convoluted