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Community organization

  • (In order to measure how we are doing in helping each other in the community) Provide , provide what statistics exists of usage from discourse, and description of how we could use badges (Ned)

  • Community support - Helping with answering & moderating tools like the forum (OpenCraft has weekly rotations, Felipe/Edunext to increase time commitment)

  • Organize the comunity community hangout (Ned/edX)


  • Marketing - Creating a discourse thread and scheduling a :

    • Scheduling of first meeting for the workgroup (Stefania/Abstract-Technology)

    • Comparison of Open edX and Canvas (Peter/RaccoonGang)

    • Feature matrix that could get cleaned up and contributed as marketing collateral for the Open edX website (Nate/Appsembler)

  • Organize the contributors meetup (Xavier)


  • Help guide initiatives advancing the points listed in Needed Architecture Investments (Nimisha/edX)

    • Tests: Recap of pain points with tests, posted in a thread on the forum (Nimisha:


      start thread, comment: Xavier/OpenCraft, Nate/Appsembler, Raccoon Gang, Felipe/EduNext)

    • Toggle/Settings Documentation/Tooling (Regis, Nimisha+Arch Squad/edX)

    Help on plugins/API work -
    • Documentation - see the item in “Releases”, below

  • Plugins/API work:

    • Frontend plugin framework specifications review (to be posted by edX/Nimisha, and then reviewed by OpenCraft)

    • Post recap of discussion to MIT in the thread, ask if MIT could work on this now (Xavier/OpenCraft)

  • Automated notifications of publishes of ADRs. (OpenCraft + edX)


  • Organize the releases working group (Regis)

  • Produce the named releases (Ned/edX)

    • Reviewing & solving some of the issues reports from the Juniper tag on the discussion forum (OpenCraft/Geoffrey)

  • Documentation effort:

    • Toggle/Settings Documentation/Tooling (Regis, Nimisha+Arch Squad/edX)

    • Build a reference manual for edx-platform: PR (Regis)

    • Help to document features - not necessarily operation settings (Felipe)

  • Reviewing & solving some of the issues reports from the Juniper tag on the discussion forum (OpenCraft/Geoffrey)

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