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(Course structure information was added to the Researcher's guide after it was written for the OLX guide, and file sharing with the include directive is not used for information that overlaps between the guides.)


  •  Does the change have an effect on the course structure? If so, it is likely to have some effect on the OLX guide.
  •  If the change has an effect on the course structure, it might mean that updates are needed to both the OLX guide and the Research guide.
  •  Does the new or changed feature add or modify OLX elements or attributes or course JSON files?  (Example: A new feature allows you to make course pages visible to a specific group of course participants only. How will course teams and researchers see that in the files created by a course export?)
  •  Does the change have an effect on CAPA problems? If so, leave information in the shared files about using Studio untouched, other than to identify changes in the OLX.
  •  Because MIT courses use OLX heavily, an FYI tag in your PR to the MIT PM Mike Martin (Deactivated) and to members of the ODL would be a very helpful gesture.