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Audience: Learners

Owner:  Doc and Support 


The edX Help Center provides help for learners who have questions about any and all aspects of taking edX courses. This site contains the previous edX Learner Guide content and previous edX Help Center content, combiend into one colocated site. When all learner help topics have been removed from the course author documentation, the edX Learner Guide will be retired.

For information about creating help in the edX Help Center, see Creating and Updating Documentation - Zendesk Guide.

The EdX Learner's Guide provides help for learners who have questions about topics including how to navigate through a course, how to complete course materials, and how to receive certificates.

The process for creating or updating documentation in this guide is the process outlined on the Creating and Updating Documentation - RTD page.Note There is some overlap between the EdX Learner's Guide and the FAQs that Support maintains. An open question is how best to serve the learner audience without duplicating information.

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Files for these guides are located in the following folders.

Guide NameSource Files
EdX Help CenterZendesk Guide, under edX
EdX Learner's Guideedx-documentation/en-us/students
Open edX Learner's Guideedx-documentation/en-us/open_edx_students