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Devstack development process

  1. Clone the repo to your devstack/src directory. This directory is generally mounted to be shared with the devstack VM
  2. `vagrant ssh` to SSH on to the Devstack
  3. `sudo su edxapp` to log in at the edxapp user
  4. cd to the src/xblock-drag-and-drop-v2/ directory
  5. run `pip uninstall xblock-drag-and-drop-v2` to remove the installed version
  6. run `python build`
  7. run `python install`


  1. develop`

Feature Overview

Drag and drop v2 XBlock implements a friendly drag-and-drop style problem, where the learner has to drag items to zones on a target image.


Studio interface (drag_and_drop_edit.js) contains single function/class DragAndDropEditBlock(runtime, element, params) that follows JS XBlock signature.