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  • Uphold the principles and standards defined in OEP-54 Core Contributors and OEP-55 Maintainers.

  • Continue to remain in compliance with the platform’s security, privacy (GDPR, etc), i18n, and a11y commitments.

  • Since currently (as of March 2024) deploys continuously off of master, please work with the relevant groups ( to determine when appropriate merge windows are; guidelines will vary repo-to-repo. Guidelines, as they come online, are maintained

    • PRs merged by a core contributor will go to production systems in a matter of hours or less. Coordination between CCs and engineers is sometimes necessary when merging changes that require migrations or are highly impactful - even a very small change may be highly impactful to a production system. Therefore CCs should use these chat rooms to do merge coordination with 2U/edX engineers and ask pointed questions around the PRs. These chat rooms are not for questions along the lines of “help me design/code/review my feature”.

    • Each room is monitored by a 2U/edX engineering manager. Each room maps to one or more repositories as described in this spreadsheet. Core contributors should join the room(s) applicable to them. Others are welcome to sit in, but please be sure to keep the channel’s usage to what is described above.

    • Merge guidelines for coding CCs are expanded upon here: Merge Guidelines for Coding Core Contributors

  • Support Committers who are at varying levels of technical expertise, though they must demonstrate excellent judgment and accountability.

  • Be transparent and open about the existence and eligibility of the Committer program.

  • Hold an equal bar for all engineers.