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There are now a number of pages implemented using the edX EdX Pattern Library:

PageSample URLNotes
CAPA uses a pattern library shim so that it can be rendered into the courseware.
Course Bookmarks
Course Content Search
This is not enabled on, but is used by the Open edX community.
Course Experience is the new course experience that is the first step towards a unified course/home tab.
Course Reviews
Course reviews will be rolled out on shortly.
Course Updates page was added as part of the new course experience.
Discussions courseware discussions uses a shimmed version of the Pattern Library as that page has not yet been converted.
Insights is a combination of Bootstrap and the Pattern Library.
Preview Language
Programs Listing
Program Details
Studio Programs ListingTBD
Studio Programs DetailsTBD
Studio Programs EditTBD
Web CertificatesTBDWeb certificates were the first page to be converted to the Pattern Library.
White Label Marketing Pages