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10 minsStatusEveryone
20 minsBrainstorm: knowledge sharing strategiesEveryone

Let's run through a quick mute mapping exercise to think through different ways to spread the FedX gospel:

10 minsAssest Pipeline: what's wrong with it? Why do we want to fix it?Dennis JenI get the general sense that it's not well understood and is a source of pain for developers. What's the deal?
5 mins?How to standardize webpack configs across the org.Tyler HalladaJust want to brainstorm on what people think about this.


  • As a team, we came up with lots of different ways to share knowledge outside our group:
    • Clear communication of best practices
      • Documentation within Confluence
      • OEPs
      • Example project
    • Presentations
      • Lunch & learns
      • FedX representation in demos
      • FedX representation in all-hands
    • Front-end online courses
      • edX courses (React course, Edge courses if we create them)
      • courses from other providers
  • We didn't have time to discuss the asset pipeline or webpack config standardization, so let's punt those till next week.

Action Items

  •  Prioritize the eslint-config-edx story
  •  Write a story for cookiecutter FED project
  •  Tyler Hallada: Plan on writing an Insights FED upgrade blog post
  •  Ari Rizzitano: Plan on writing a Webpack bug fix blog post
  •  Dennis Jen: Follow up with Eddie(?) about posting on the internal engineering blog
  •  Everyone: find relevant courses (within and externally) that might be worth tackling with a study group
  •  Everyone: think through skillsets for which we might want to train edX developers
  •  Ari Rizzitano: pull together existing FED best practices docs in one place