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Note this page was written in 2020 at the conception of the Core Contributor Program and thus current terminology, requirements, and implementation details may differ from what this document and its children pages describe. Specifically, the program herein described is now known as the “Core Contributor Program Committers”, whereas previously it was “Core Committers”.


On the heels of Open edX’s 7-year anniversary, we launched (blue star) the Core Committers program!


I commit to help my team in implementation of OEP-0026

  • Relevant edx-platform PR 24282

  • event-tracking PR 56

  • event-routing-backends PRs 7, 11

Braden MacDonald

I will spend 10-20 hours per month on the following personal priorities:


Jill Vogel

I will:


  •  Develop an initial version of the Open edX Onboarding Course
  •  Triage PRs if any
  •  Review the Needed Architecture Investments in the context of edx-ace with the champion
  •  Extract any in-code TODOs into clear GitHub issues
  •  Review the essential OEPs related to the repository and make GitHub issues as well