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Note this page was written in 2020 at the conception of the Core Contributor Program and thus current terminology, requirements, and implementation details may differ from what this document and its children pages describe. Specifically, the program herein described is now known as the “Core Contributor Program Committers”, whereas previously it was “Core Committers”.


Phase 2 Objective

“Co-establish and publish Core Committer program”

Building upon learnings from the pilot, in this phase we focus on officially establishing and publishing the CC program in collaboration with the participants in the pilot.



Async Week Schedule and Tasks

Review Phase 1 Outcomes

Retro Phase 1

Rules for Future


Pre-determined peer-review assignments

  • Liked

  • Lacked

  • Learned

  • Longed For

Day 0 (Fri, Nov 13th)

  • share assignments (with video instructions)

Day 1 (Mon, Nov 16th)
30 mns

  • (30mns): self-review and update your own goals and outcomes

  • Create 2 informal self videos (can use Loom, OBS Studio):

    • (2-3mns) on 1 thing that worked well with your Core Committer work

    • (2-3mns) on 1 thing that could be improved for the future (by you or by the group)

Day 2 (Tue, Nov 17th)
30 mns

  • (30mns): self-reflection - write down your own thoughts for each of the 4 categories

Day 3 (Wed, Nov 18th)
30 mns

  • (25mns):

    • watch your assigned peer’s video

    • review the goals/outcomes of your peer

      • remember to include both positive and constructive feedback

  • (5mns): post your own thoughts on the shared board

Day 4 (Thu, Nov 19th)
30 mns

  • (15mns)

    • read everyone’s outcomes and peer-reviews

    • post your observations on the shared board

  • (15mns): read everyone’s thoughts and feel free to group them on the shared board

Day 5 (Fri, Nov 20th)

  • (30mns): future thinking, possible questions to ask yourself:

    • who should become CC? Selection criteria?

    • what outcomes to expect of CCs?

    • how can we improve the program?

Day 6 (Mon, Nov 23rd)
2 hours + social

  • (25mns): vote and discuss observations (in breakout rooms)

  • (25mns): vote and discuss grouped items (in breakout rooms)

  • (60mns): ideate on what rules to define

Day 7 (TBD)

Monday Agenda

  • (15mns) Review - Nimisha Asthagiri (Deactivated)

    • (3-5mns) Synthesis / Summary

    • (10mns) Discussion

  • (35mns) Retro - Xavier Antoviaque

    • (3mns) Synthesis / Summary

    • (30mns) Discussion

  • (5mns) Break

  • (60mns) Rules - Nimisha Asthagiri (Deactivated)

    • (5mns) Instructions

      • Choose which breakout room

      • Readout expectations

        • Will vote on the proposals afterward, becomes a talking-point

      • Group roles (choose within 2mns):

        • Note-taking: Could be one-person or shared

        • Spokesperson: Who’s going to do the readout

        • Facilitator: Optional

        • Proposal decision-making options (choose within 30secs):

          • Unanimous

          • Choose a decider

          • Majority ← default

    • (25mns) in breakout rooms

      • What

      • How

      • Who

    • (10mns x 3) Each group reads out and discusses with larger group

      • (2-3mns) Readout

        • Any decisions that they propose? → Capture and vote async on individual items

        • Open questions? → Follow-up activities/meetings/action-items

      • (7-8mns) Discuss

  • (30mns) Social