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Today there will be two categories of feedback:

  • (LIST 1) this is MVP, but we need to fix this thing (security). Cover these in depth.
  • (LIST 2) we might do this very differently, here's how I would do it differently. Write these down and move on.


Cale: pluggable keys could be a good way to solve this. (LIST 1b1)

  • (whiteboarding about opaque keys)
    • course_v1: org+course+run
    • course_ccx: org+course+run+ccx
  • still requires spreading CCX knowledge around the code
    • but less than other proposals
  • this makes CCX part of the course/run hierarcy
    • Chris Ewing likes it.
  • CCX should be a view of a course, not a copy of a course.
  • Miki: separation of CMS and LMS
    • state of course at edit time doesn't have to be the state in LMS
      • one course in CMS could be many courses in LMS


Miki: the key id is not a big deviation from the current implementation, low cost, big benefit.

  • Chris agrees it isn't a big change from today's code.
  • Will this means course lists will be full of CCXs?
    • course listings will not show CCXs
  • course_ccx ids will make it easier to do the common operation of looking up content from ids.
    • Dave O gives a detailed comparison using search about how the course_ccx id will work better than a separated id.