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  1. Find the commit hash(es) of the fix you need. They might be the same as in the fix pull request you are copying from, or they may be different if the pull request was closed with a squash. The best thing to do is to update your master branch, and get the hashes shown in your local git log:
    $ git log

  2. Check out the release branch:
    $ git checkout open-release/XXX.master
    $ git pull

  3. Make a new branch from the release:
    $ git switch -c <YOURNAME>/<BRANCHNAME>

  4. Cherry-pick the commits onto your branch. Do this for all your commits:
    $ git cherry-pick -x <COMMITHASH> ...

  5. Push your branch:
    $ git push -u origin HEAD

  6. Make a pull request from your branch, using open-release/XXX.master as the base. In your pull request description, mention the original pull request on master that you are copying, if you can. Tag people for review. The pull request will be handled and merged like any other.