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For ,, and, the following changes will take took effect between late November 2020 and early December 2020January 2021. We aimed to make the changes as non-disruptive as possible.

  • and

    • Content libraries must be created with a valid Organization identifier that maps to an Organization saved in the database. (This has been required on for course runs since ~2016).

    • We will check checked for any course runs or content libraries currently in the system with invalid Organization identifiers.

      If we find them, we may create matching organizations in the database. We’ll do our due diligence before going ahead with the creations

      that lacked a link to a valid a Organization. We created inactive Organization and Organization-Course linkages to account for these. In total, ~2000 inactive organizations were automatically created, mostly due to content libraries with invalid organization slugs.


    • The organizations database tables (link restricted to organizations admins) will be were automatically populated based on the org slugs of all course runs and content libraries in the system.

    • Newly-created course runs and content libraries will automatically link be linked in the database to Organizations. When there is no Organization to link to, one will automatically be created.

    • At this time, these changes will not be visible to anyone access to the organizations database.

  • All environments:

    • Product managers and developers can now assume Organizations that can be queried and linked to in MySQL database.

    • Developers can now assume that each Organization in the LMS/Studio database has a unique short_name (i.e. key/slug/identifier).