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Undetected failures (originally “Anomaly detection of common failures”)

Feb 5, 2020: RCA: PROD-1195 - edx-rest-api-client updates breaking proctoring - Error anomaly detection would have found this much faster and reduced the burden on the team to build the exact right monitoring.

June 1, 2020: RCA: CR-2252 - Personalized Learner Schedules Outage - we would have found this problem a lot faster with anomaly detection on per view error rates.

Note: NewRelic AI anomaly detection is only at the app level, not the view level. We'd need to brainstorm our own custom anomaly detection if we wanted to catch this without using KeyTransactions and custom alerts.


(closed as “unfinished”)


New Relic errors need to be temporarily or permanently ignored

Dec 17, 2020: Dave O. manually disabled shared edx-platform alert and edited a TNL alert to ignore a PermissionDenied error. It was ultimately ignored for the entire app. See Ignored Errors for LMS in New Relic /wiki/spaces/AT/pages/2175434915

Oct 9, 2020: Jason wrote about alerting related to:rest_framework.exceptions:AuthenticationFailed. He is unsure if he wants to permanently ignore.

Oct/Nov 2020: Robert had to temporarily adjust a TNL error alert condition to ignore openedx.core.lib.blockstore_api.exceptions:BundleStorageError which was a known error that was supposed to be fixed, but the fix was taking days to weeks to get out.


Initial implementation is complete, but no confirmation yet that “expected error” functionality is solving this problem.


New Relic alerting with spotty metrics (sparse data)

Apr 28, 2021: Discussion with Alex D. See Also, in former Slack convo about the Metrics Aggregator (New Relic app), Emma G had written:

The metric aggregator app was unhelpful for aggregating over time -- and when speaking to a New Relic representative, had bugs, it was suggested that we use the api instead.

Oct 7, 2020: Revenue created this New Relic post to see how to handle when “aggregation window” setting could be larger than 15 minutes:

Dec 22, 2020: Matt Hughes was asking about handling spotty data for proctoring. In addition to above, also discussed “Sum of query results is” option for totaling across time.

Note: At this time, it is unclear if we still have unsolved issues, or if we simply need better docs to help people when they run into these issues.



Stacktrace code_owner would be better than view code_owner

Nov 2020: TNL was alerted when Stacktrace contained edx_proctoring.exceptions:ProctoredExamIllegalStatusTransition, which is owned by another team.

1 (closed as “unfinished”)


Celery issues

Dec 2020: Issues around unknown tasks were monitored via Splunk to Opsgenie.

There are a variety of Celery signals like task_unknown, or task_internal_error
that could be helpful for monitoring Celery by code_owner in New Relic. (closed as “unfinished”)


Can’t see deployments on New Relic dashboards

Custom Attributes

Add deployment data to events

When seeing errors, sometimes it is unclear whether they are coming from old or new boxes, or what release. The events could have a custom attributes with git hash and deployment time.