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For now, please annotate that it is slated for removal/deprecation in the annotation as detailed in the how-to document.

How do I document a setting or toggle that can be configured independently for both, LMS and CMS service variants? do I have to duplicate the annotations in both env files?

There are some settings or toggles that are defined in both, LMS and CMS env files. Before duplicating the annotations in both env files, please perform research on the setting/toggle purpose in both service variants. Then you can proceed according to the following scenarios:

  • The setting/toggle servers to the same purpose in both service variants: Document both the LMS and CMS settings using annotations, but make the CMS annotations refer to the LMS annotations rather than duplicating text on both sides.  Use the warning annotation to highlight if the setting/toggle needs to be set in both LMS and CMS with the same value, or any other non-obvious considerations. You can find an excellent example of this case in this pull request, where CMS annotations reference LMS annotations

  • The setting/toggle servers to different or additional purposes: make the annotations differ indicating the purpose for every service variant using the regular steps indicated in this document



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