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We will externalize our work as part of the following organization-standard rituals:

  1. Quarterly Strategy Reviews (folder)

  2. Consumer Reviews (overview, folder)

  3. Engineering Operating Reviews (overview, folder)

  4. Squad Demos (/wiki/spaces/AT/pages/1742471458, are sre)

With Director(s)

In addition to the above org-wide rituals, work with your engineering director to establish a cadence of regular review of the squad’s process and artifacts. For example, the director may request a weekly touchpoint to review the squad’s WIP and artifacts from steps 3-5 below.




Create once

Have an ideation and affinity-mapping (to group into high-level categories) exercise with members of the squad. If possible, invite stakeholders to the session.

🙊 Remind attendees to ideate on a “moment of time” in the user’s journey and to keep it technology-agnostic and not solution-oriented.

Review and update every 6 months

With members of the squad and stakeholders.

Arch example (link)


SRE example (link)


Idea-1: Products, Tools, and Services offered by the team can be mapped to the part of the user journey each of them addresses.

Idea-2: Later (step 5 below), the team’s roadmap can be externalized by mapping upcoming work to each part of this user journey.




Any time a new epic or reasonably sized story is considered for prioritizing in the squad’s backlog.

Members of the squad can do this together as part of their planning and/or grooming process.

🙊 Remind the squad that anything can be measured. Without validation, you would be prioritizing output and not an outcome.

When appropriate, publish the proposed prioritized opportunity in a Consumer Review Approach Memo.



📔 7. DESIGN, LAUNCH & ROLLOUT: OEPS, ADRs, Announcements

Use Open edX Proposals and Architecture Decision Records to document and publish your technical design decisions.

Announce your deliverables using Arch’s /wiki/spaces/AT/pages/2331836527 as a framework.