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We will externalize our work as part of the following organization-standard rituals:

  1. Quarterly Strategy Reviews (folder)

  2. Consumer Reviews (overview, folder)

  3. Engineering Operating Reviews (overview, folder)

  4. Squad Demos (/wiki/spaces/AT/pages/1742471458, are sre)

With Director(s)

In addition to the above org-wide rituals, work with your engineering director to establish a cadence of regular review of the squad’s process and artifacts. For example, the director may request a weekly touchpoint to review the squad’s WIP and artifacts from steps 3-5 below.




Create once

Have an ideation and affinity-mapping (to group into high-level categories) exercise with members of the squad. If possible, invite stakeholders to the session.

(blue star) Remind attendees to ideate on a “moment of time” in the user’s journey and to keep it technology-agnostic and not solution-oriented.

Review and update every 6 months

With members of the squad and stakeholders.

Arch example (link)


SRE example (link)


Idea-1: Products, Tools, and Services offered by the team can be mapped to the part of the user journey each of them addresses.

Idea-2: Later (step 5 below), the team’s roadmap can be externalized by mapping upcoming work to each part of this user journey.




Any time a new epic or reasonably sized story is considered for prioritizing in the squad’s backlog.

Members of the squad can do this together as part of their planning and/or grooming process.

(blue star) Remind the squad that anything can be measured. Without validation, you would be prioritizing output and not an outcome.

When appropriate, publish the proposed prioritized opportunity in a Consumer Review Approach Memo.

(blue star) 5. CONTINUOUSLY LEARN: Kata Table


(blue star) 7. DESIGN, LAUNCH & ROLLOUT: OEPS, ADRs, Announcements

Use Open edX Proposals and Architecture Decision Records to document and publish your technical design decisions.

Announce your deliverables using Arch’s /wiki/spaces/AT/pages/2331836527 as a framework.