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  • What if there is a network/connection problem to the server and the course seat purchase fulfillment call fails?

    • Possible routes:

      • Mobile side retries calling the API

      • Triggers the fallback if the issue persists

  • What would happen if the in-app purchase verification fails?

    • Possible routes:

      • Retry verification

      • Let the mobile side know that the verification failed to trigger the fallback

  • What would happen if the order fulfillment fails?

    • Possible routes:

      • Retry fulfillment?

      • Mobile side fallback

  • Apart from the above points of failure in the IAP fulfillment flow, a potential risk lies in the selection of the IAP verification library. Since IAP verification is a crucial step in fulfilling the purchase, this could be a potential blocker as well. Currently, the library under consideration is InAppPy. If for any reason, this library does not work out, we would be facing the following scenarios:

    • We might need to wait for a fix for the faced issue from the library developers

    • We could be on a look for a new IAP verification library

    • The worst-case scenario would be the selected library not working out and no other suitable library found as well

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