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Editorial note: we’re just getting started! The folks listed here are those who have officially committed to spending at least 20 hours a month toward the working group’s priorities.


Company, Team

Adam Stankiewicz

edX, Enterprise

Ben Warzeski (Deactivated)

edX, Content

Adolfo Brandes

tCRIL, Frontend




Commit/Merge privileges on all frontend-focused code repositories.

Ensure the approved review process is upheld and be on-call to address issues with recently merged PRs. Follow the merge timing guidelines.

Maintain best practices for design, security, accessibility, and compliance on merged code.


Review PRs and suggest technical changes in designated repositories.

Learn and advocate for clean code, quality, and architecture principles and practices (per repository’s definition of done)

Co-establish technical direction of designated repositories.

Documenting and reviewing decisions in ADRs (and OEPs) and maintaining READMEs, How-Tos, etc.

Co-maintain a prioritized backlog of needed technical improvements of designated repositories.

Negotiate and allocate a regular percentage of time toward technical upkeep, including refactoring and other items listed in this column.

Ongoing upgrade and feature maintenance and other ownership costs of designated repositories


Appropriate onboarding for using our frontend technology stack.

Educate others to help spread frontend domain knowledge throughout and beyond the working group.

Training on new workflows/technologies.

Participate in the formalization and documentation of training and best practices.


The tasks, roadmap, and workings of the Frontend Working Group are open to the Open edX Community. In the spirit of this, our communications should be inclusive. This means preferring asynchronous over synchronous and public over private.


For more specific details (such as meeting room URLs), either subscribe to the Open edX Working Group calendar (which contains all working group meetings, not just frontend ones) or be on the lookout for session-specific issues on GitHub (such as this one, for instance). Meeting minutes are posted to Frontend Working Group Meeting Agendas and MinutesNotes, and those include video recordings, chat logs, and transcripts whenever possible. Upcoming sessions are also listed: if you intend to add an item to the agenda, feel free to edit the corresponding page accordingly.


The Paragon Working Group (PWG) is a design-led group that meets to manage the design system side of Paragon and vet new components according to edX’s product development needs. Members of the Frontend Working Group who work at edX may wish to go to the PWG’s meetings to help participate in that part of the process, but that is a choice they can make and has no impact on their membership in the Frontend Working Group. PWG has its own charter, goals, and governance.

Latest News

Please refer to the following page for the latest updates on the group’s activities:

Frontend Working Group Latest News