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Open edX BTR working group
Meeting notes October 11, 2021 15:00 UTC



·         Broken installation 3

  • Reported issue with Pyaml  installation failure with both tutor and with open edX team will investigate

·         Backports candidates 2

  • Both PR will be merged

·         Non-MFE Payment Flow 3

  • Issue will continue for a period As resources are not available to conduct fix from Opencraft. Additional Resources from other Companaies eduNext will coordinate and look at effort required to resolve over the next couple of weeks.

  • Recommendation is if this is required to revert to KOA release for moment

  • This issue may persist until Maple or longer

·         Bulk course emails are rejected by email server because of an invalid “from” address 2

  • Good first issue fix and will be advertised see reference for solution

·         Bulk email templates contains many edX-specific reference (and are thus unusable) 

  • Code done small issue with edX to approve request and fix to be communicated when edX returns from holidays in the USA



·         Django 3.2 Upgrade Github Project 1 & Confluence Page 1 => Do we need to postpone the freeze date?

o    Still a significant number of issues with this Will check with Nataila on Wednesday 13th Oct 2021 on state and report for Friday for final decision on how cut over will be made for Maple Branch.

o    If this is not ready decision will be made to test against master branch for the moment until complete then perform the branch to Maple upon completion of any show-stopper issues

·       Learning MFEe

o    Have made key progress from @Regis is included in the “edge” (name change eminent) of Tutor as an edge MFE for use. While it meets branding requirements fixed headers mean it does not fit a Comprehensive theming level of customisation. How to test and use this is described in a Tutor post

o    Additional progress is slow as no response from edX on state of this and how to recommendation on Branding and “themeing” from edX on MFE.

o    Discussions will continue after US holiday break

o    As this is functional it will be included in maple but may not be in the default MFE implementation of Tutor

·         Support Profile MFE

o    Support for the Profile MFE · Issue #28 · openedx/build-test-release-wg ( this is not being looked at by edX need a community volunteer to pick up documentation  @Regisb will look at this from

o    Similar to the Learning MFE issues remain unknown around state of internationalisation, breanding and “themeing”

·         Support for Gradebook MFE


o    Assigned to @jfavellar90 who will talk to person arranged in edx about this. This was the first MFE and is not been done in the template hence issue with internationalization. Report back next update. Still waiting for a reply from the edX team around this  there is a fix to be merged in master for the parameter issue and there has been some work that may allow internationalisation to be done check next meeting.

o    No meeting has been forthcoming with edX will continue to chase them.

o    Issue with extra calls to analytics seems to be resolved after some word and will be confirmed with by working group

·         CodeJail Support: has been merged for maple into main edx master Will be checked for who will provide ongoing support and updates for this.

o    Working on Tutor plugin should be ready for maple release as plugin not included as default.


·         No updates on other ongoing update to mongo or elastisearch Sarina and Ned will check on those for next meeting and try to get a public update out in meantime

·         Future Supported installation methods being Tutor from Maple:

o    Reaffirmed that Tutor will be the supported installation method going forward. This is Enthusiastically endorsed by the BTR working group

o    For some compatibility Some companies may self-support older installation methods but these will be for internal use only and not be the supported method.

o    Plugins for Tutor will be advertised on the Main page of Tutor provided that the plugins are

§  Have the purported functionality they claim and are not harmful.

§  i.e. do not contain malicious code or violations of priviacy

§  Will be updated quickly and supported by the creator either a company or individual for future releases

§  The company must promise to update plugins within a reasonable time frame for any updates to Open edX and Tutor releases (i.e. one month)

§  Support methods and communication methods must be available and open to the larger community

·         Group will communicate in coming week with edX on progress of Django and have a short meeting on Friday 15th of October between core contributors to determine the cut over to Maple actions

·         OpenCraft will be represented by another person for the remainder of the year.

o    The BTR working group wishes Adolpho well on his break from the group and looks forward to seeing him in the new year

·         A New person to be responsible for bug Triage is requested for the next few months

Date of next meeting: October 25th, 2021 at 15:00 UTC