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We are the engineering team of the Axim Collaborative (previously the Center for Reimagining Learning, aka tCRIL). Axim is the non-profit which stewards the codebase and community of the Open edX Project.


The Team

Profile Picture

Edward Zarecor

Vice President of Engineering

Profile Picture

Jenna Makowski

Product Manager for the Open edX Platform

Profile Picture

Sarina Canelake

Engineering Manager

Profile Picture

Dave Ormsbee (Axim)

Software Architect

Profile Picture

Feanil Patel

Software Architect

Profile Picture

Brian Mesick

Software Architect (Data)

Profile Picture

Adolfo Brandes

Principal Frontend Engineer

Profile Picture

Kyle McCormick

Senior Software Engineer II

Profile Picture

Brian Smith

Senior Frontend Engineer

Profile Picture

Sara Burns

Software Engineer II (Data)

Our Work

Current Work 🛩

What are doing now?

Axim Engineering Tasks

MFE Roadmap

Tutor DevEnv Adoption Project

Community tasks

Axim Roadmap 🗺

What’s on our horizon?

Axim Roadmap

Open edX Roadmap

On-Call 🔔

How do we handle incoming GitHub management requests?

Axim Engineering On-Call

Contact Us


Contact Methods

Quick questions

  • Post in the #ask-axim channel in the Open edX Slack (

  • Mention @openedx/axim-oncall from a GitHub pull request or issue.

  • Administrative requests for GitHub or other systems

  • Questions that might require research

Use the Axim Request Process described below.

Requests for Open edX features, bug fixes, etc.

Axim doesn’t take these sort of requests directly. Some other forums you could try:

Please keep in mind: community companies and working groups are busy with their own initiatives. Still, they might be excited to help you get started with developing a solution to your problem!

Mailing address

One Broadway
14th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142

Axim Request Process


We take requests viathe New Issue portal on the openedx/Axim-engineering repository. Axim’s rotating “on-call” engineer will triage your issue within one business day during their own working hours. They will try to give you a time estimate for completion. They may do the work themselves or delegate it to someone else. Note that Axim does not generally provide support on weekends, holidays, the early morning, or the evening (~US-Eastern timezone).