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The governance working group decides how to manage and grow the Open edX community and ecosystem. Items under discussion include: where should code repositories live, who gets commit rights, what is the community and project hierarchy, what is our code of conduct, and how do we want to represent ourselves to the world?

John Mark Walker (Deactivated)  Braden MacDonald Nate Aune Ned Batchelder (Deactivated) Peter Pinch Xavier Antoviaque Colin Fredericks


Analytics Working Group home - thanks to John Baldwin)

John Baldwin

Laurent David

+ 1 TBD edX person?

Pedagogy and Instructional Design

Community of practice for learning practitioners: instructional designers, educators, researchers. Gather feedback from end users, create requirements for future features and roadmap, and provide a home for exchanging best practices and collaborating on the art of building courses online. 

Olga Stroilova (Deactivated) Ben Piscopo (Deactivated) Colin Fredericks Alison B (not on confluence) / optional: John Mark Walker (Deactivated)


(to be created)

Ned Batchelder (Deactivated) Nimisha Asthagiri (Deactivated) Dave Ormsbee Braden MacDonald Xavier Antoviaque Giovanni Cimolin da Silva

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning Working Group


Focused on theming and customization of Open edX sites

GiulioG (Unlicensed) (Stanford), Steven Burch stv (Stanford), Xavier Antoviaque(OpenCraft), Braden MacDonald (OpenCraft), Felipe Montoya (EduNEXT), Mike Bifulco (Aquent Gymnasium), X defStack (Unlicensed) (, Bhartendu kumar (Manprax Software), Douglas Hall (Deactivated) (Solutions, edX), Andy Armstrong (Deactivated) (Front end, edX), Kevin Falcone (Deactivated) (Devops, edX), Shauna Gordon-McKeon (Deactivated) (Open Source Team, edX), Ned Batchelder (Deactivated) (Open Source Team, edX)

Mailing list:!forum/theming-working-group

#theming channel in Open edX Slack community

Campus Applications

Focused on integration and interoperability with common on-campus applications, including but not limited to SSO and LTI

Armando Fox (UC-Berkeley), Braden MacDonald, Colin Fredericks, Derek White (Unlicensed), FerdiA, gbruhnsR (Deactivated), Gregor Kiczales (Unlicensed), John Zornig (UQx), Marie Selvanadin (Unlicensed), Peter Pinch (Unlicensed), Phil McGachey (Unlicensed), Phil Long (UT-Austin), Richard Robinson (ANU), Roland Jaeckel (BU), straderR (Unlicensed), Shawn Milochik, Tracy Schroeder (BU), William Garr (Georgetown), Xavier Antoviaque,  Xiaojing Duan, Steve Magoun (Deactivated), Mark Haseltine (Deactivated), Griff Resch (Deactivated), Robert Raposa, Douglas Hall (Deactivated)

XBlock directory

Juan Camilo Montoya


Microsites let you create branded subsites with their own URL and theme, and show a subset of courses from the course catalog.

Felipe Montoya, Nate Aune

#microsites channel in the Open edX Slack community

Corporate learning

Discussion about using Open edX for corporate learning.

Nate Aune, Marko Nikolovski (Unlicensed), Vishal Gandhi, Steve Magoun (Deactivated), Juan Camilo Montoya

#corporate channel in the Open edX Slack community.

Mailing list:!forum/openedx-corporate-wg