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Course Authoring MFE

 Peter Pinch


Review Issues

Sofiane Bebert

working group members having write access to

Peter Pinch

  • It would be convenient for me, and the other members of the working group to have permission to assign and close tickets.

  • It seems like the technically-possible and policy-approved way to do this is to follow the OEP-54 Expansion of Core Contributor Responsibilities.

  • I think it would save us all some time to combine everyone’s request for expanded responsibility into one post on .

Release notes for Maple.4?

Peter Pinch

Nutmeg Testing

Dean Jay Mathew

  • Tutor upgrades and maintainers (update)

  • GitHub Issues update (group discussion)

    • need to review blockers (See above)

  • Test Sheet: Test cases are 82% so what’s outstanding? I’ll go through them.

    • @dean

    • What areas are left?

  • Announcing the final test sprint (group discussion) to be announced


Open edX Test Course (& demo library)

Kyle McCormick

  • It’s like the demo course, but less emphasis on being a reasonable course, and more emphasis on testing as many weird features as possible.

  • Currently live on the demo environment.

  • Auto-imported from the repo into the demo environment every Monday.

  • Currently very short. Contributions welcome!

  • If your Nutmeg test case requires course content, consider adding it to the test course.

✅Action items

  •  Ghassan Maslamani to post in the forum about this PR to get the community’s opinion on the change of behaviour
  •  Peter Pinch to open a post to give permissions for BTR team members to manage issues