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These are playbooks for on-call tasks. Feel free to add more!


  1. Set the Account Name to the relevant Institution(2U/edx, OpenCraft, etc.)

  2. The contributor's first and last name

  3. The contributor's GitHub username (case sensitive - it should match what you see on their profile at<username>)

  4. Ideally, their email address

  5. Locate the field Contributor Covered Under Entity and select it

  6. Locate the Role field and add the Entity Contributor role to the user.


The GH request should include a suggestion for which team will maintain the repo. Before agreeing to create a new it, get confirmation from someone on that team that they will commit to maintain the new repo. Inform them that they can reach out in #maintainership#wg-pilotmaintenance Slack channel if they would like to get involved as a maintainer right away; otherwise, their maintenance responsibilities will begin later in the pilot process or once the maintainership program fully kicks off.

When creating a new repo, you may need to give several bot account write access. Just as with human users, don’t add bot users directly--give teams access to the repo instead. You can search for all relevant bot teams by searching “bot-”.

🏗 Transferring repositories into openedx