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  • Replace OEP-2 (Repository Metadata), obsoleting the openedx.yaml files.

  • Explain that we will be using Backstage to organize our repositories via in-repo catalog-info.yaml files (drawing heavily from this OEP-55 ADR) and that Backstage will be publicly visible to the community.

  • Describe a schema for catalog-info.yaml that is a valid subset of the Backstage System Model.

    • The schema will include the attributes:

      • spec::owner (a GitHub group or user)

      • spec::lifecycle

      • spec::type


    • The meanings of the lifecycle, type, and tier attributes, as well as their valid values, will be detailed in the OEP.

    • Initial value assignments for these attributes to all openedx-org repositories will be included in the OEP (via a link to a spreadsheet; the values themselves shouldn’t be baked in to the OEP).

    • The attributes are detailed and tentatively applied to the openedx org in this sheet.

  • Explain that all repositories in the Official, Core, and Kernel tiers must be in the openedx GitHub organization. Explain that other repositories should be moved out of the openedx GitHub organization. Describe a process for moving repositories in either direction.

  • Describe that the repository maintainers are expected to keep the catalog-info.yaml files up-to-date.

  • Describe that we may automatically generate parts of READMEs based on the contents of catalog-info.yaml.

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