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This is a place to store step-by-step guides for common maintainer tasks. Please add more as they come up!

Approving Github Actions for new committer PRs


Note that this process is only for contributors that already have passed the CLA check, for those that haven’t please follow the normal process for helping the contributor onboard.

When a user opens their first PR in a repository you maintain it is likely that they will need to be approved before some Github Actions, such as tests, will run. This is to protect us all from having malicious code run in our account as part of our test suite.

When this occurs the orange “Approve and run“ will appear for the PR.

The current process for this is to:


Look over the PR to make sure that it is legitimate and there are no malicious changes.

  1. In the event of a questionable or malicious looking change, please notify #maintainers-pilot in Slack to warn other maintainers and allow us to take appropriate action.


Any maintainer or tCRIL employee with write permissions on the repository can approve the PR after step 1 has been completed. This should only need to be done once per contributor per repository.


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