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Brand Alignment (NEW)

The home page now better reflects the brand styles that are used throughout our marketing and marketplaceis now built with Paragon, allowing it to be easily styled with brand colors / components in both an edX and Open edX context.

Course Listing

Much like the old dashboard, courses are presented in a series of cards. Course cards show the course thumbnail, information about the course, and the ability to upgrade to a paid track or view/begin a course (if applicable). Further course actions (e.g. unenroll, email opt-out settings, and social media share) have been moved to the menu/triple dot icon on the course card.



Comparison with old experience

Main Changes:

  1. Feature allowing staff to view other registered user dashboards by e-mail or user name added.

  2. A 'refine' feature to allow users to sort their courses.

  3. Upgrade button has icon and moved from the card footer into the card body.

  4. The program links moved to their own lines

  5. Card footer size reduced and passing grade requirement added.

  6. "Get the most out of your course" call to action removed.

  7. Social Media buttons and settings gear has been removed from cards. Placed in ...

  8. Course Access Button text changed.

  9. Clears technical debt by updating code base.

New Variant (Treatment)Learner Home


Original Page (Control)Legacy Student Dashboard




is this experience


rolled out?

Navigating When enabled, attempting to navigate to the old course student dashboard will begin automatically redirecting redirect users to the new Learner Home experience.

When will this experience roll out?

Rollout began on with 1% of traffic directed to the new experience. This rollout started with a small percentage of users and slowly scale up to all users while we assess performance and feedback.

UPDATE: Rollout to 100% will begin March 22,Learner Home rolled out to 50% of the user base on . Learner Home rolls out to 100% of the user base on .

Developer FAQ

Where does the code live?


  1. Check out frontend-app-learner-dashboard.

  2. Install and run with npm run i, npm run start

  3. App should runs defaulted to port 1996

  4. Navigate to localhost:1996

  5. Log in and view your courses


How do I configure rollout percent?

A user can navigate to Learner Home directly whenever it is running, but automatically redirecting users requires configuration:

  1. Add and enable the learner_home_mfe.enabled


  1. Waffle Flag from Django Admin.

  2. Configure the LEARNER_HOME_MFE_REDIRECT_PERCENTAGE setting (e.g. in edx-platform/lms/envs/ with an integer value (0 - 100) representing what percentage of users should be redirected to Learner Home. 0 represents no rollout, 100 represents rollout to all users.