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RelatedThere also an effort to create an OEP to formalize the working group system: It’s currently on the back burner, but you can take a look and leave feedback if you’d like.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents




These were carried in from Working Group Guidelines and Definition



  1. The topic must be related the Open edX platform, its community, or one of its use cases.

  2. There must be adequate control and feedback into the Open edX community. A working group functions with bidirectional communication with the larger community

  3. Generally all communication as to the work of the working group should be public, understanding that sometimes a matter may need to be private. In such cases, please consult with Open edX leadership.

  4. All code produced within the working group must be compatible with a license presently used by Open edX platform.

  5. All documentation produced within the working group must be licensed under a Creative Commons share alike license (CC-BY-SA).

  6. Any code generated by the working must be published in a repository in the openedx GitHub organization.

  7. All code contributors must either sign an individual Open edX CLA be specifically included under their organization's Open edX CLA.